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Why Online Music Classes with PSH Music?

Online music classes with PSH Music offer the best experience for learning music online, combining the quality of an in-person class with the convenience of virtual lessons. We believe in the power of music education to transform lives and create a positive impact on the world.

Our music learning programs are designed to inspire, educate and cultivate values ​​in children, youth and adults alike. We challenge the limits and enhance our students’ abilities so they can reach their full potential.

Welcome to Musicians for the Forests, choose What Do You Want to Learn?

Acoustic Guitar Course

From beginners to advanced levels, learning strumming techniques, chords, scales and styles such as folk, pop, blues, etc.

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Drum Course

From basic fundamentals to advanced drumming techniques, including rhythms, fills, coordination and styles such as rock, jazz, etc.

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Harp Course

To learn to play the harp, covering hand technique, pedals, sheet music reading and classical and contemporary repertoire.

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Electric Guitar Course

Focused on specific techniques for the electric guitar, such as the use of amplifiers, effects, solos and styles such as rock, metal, jazz, etc.

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Piano Course

To learn to play the piano from scratch, covering reading sheet music, finger technique, and interpretation of classical and popular pieces.

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Saxophone Course

From the basics to advanced saxophone techniques, including embouchure, fingering, scales and improvisation.

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Trumpet Course

To learn to play the trumpet, covering embouchure technique, sheet music reading, scales, arpeggios and classical and modern repertoire.

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Violin Course

Ideal for beginners who wish to learn to play the violin, covering posture, bow technique, sheet music reading and classical repertoire.

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Save time and money on transportation

Flexibility to study from anywhere

Ease of integrating musical practice into your daily routine

Ability to learn at your own pace

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